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FirstCMS Enterprise Application Integration Framework

Research has shown that more than 30% of IT budgets is spent on integration, with software costs running into the millions for large enterprises. FirstCMS can use enterprise application integration (EAI), B2B integration (B2Bi), and Web Services to integrate packaged, legacy and home-grown applications.

With integration and security topping IT priority lists, it's no surprise that enterprises are furiously seeking the right technology to help them link legions of disparate systems.

Characterised by less functionality than full-scale EAI, the FirstCMS EAI framework is best targeted at particular projects connecting limited numbers of applications, as opposed to handling thousands of high-volume applications transactions. For the majority of organizations, that smaller number of applications is often enough to satisfy their integration requirements.

Enterprise wariness about traditional EAI platforms' technical complexity, monolithic architecture, and a hefty price tag are giving rise to new options for lighter, distributed integration fuelled by Web services, data standards (XML) and Java, as well as lower-priced solutions tied to application servers. This lighter, distributed integration approach has been adopted by FirstCMS to provide low cost alternatives to our customers integrations needs.

The problem is that integration today is sold using a one-size-fits-all model. Most EAI vendors are just are not conditioned to sell their products piecemeal, and their architectures are not set up to support individual projects. Using these EAI tools can be a complex and expensive route to application integration.

FirstCMS' EAI framework uses a federated architecture which stands in contrast to traditional EAI's centralized integration server, and it is designed to be rolled out incrementally, an attraction for businesses targeting particular projects with a limited number of applications.

FirstCMS uses a combination of technologies, standards and experience in providing low cost alternatives to application integration.

Smart Solutions Framework Features

FirstCMS EAI Framework WebServices
eXtensible Markup Language (XML)
Templates for information exchange (XSD)
Flexible information formatting (XSL)
FirstCMS adapter tools
Third party tools
Data insulation and loose coupling

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